GIFs From Last Night
  1. mediaite:

    This Might Be the Most Hilariously Awkward Moment Ever on Capitol Hill


  2. Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie do The Evolution of Dad Dancing.

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    Neil Patrick Harris licks Samuel L. Jackson’s glasses, grings on Sting and makes out with his husband during Tony Awards performance

  4. mediaite:

    Hugh Jackman gives Neil Patrick Harris a shout-out during his Tony Awards opening monologue

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    Stephen Colbert reacts to the news of Bowe Bergdahl’s release.

  6. mediaite:

    Sarah Silverman defends women’s reproductive rights on Real Time with Bill Maher

    So brave.

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    Jon Stewart is really scared of climate change now that Fox News admits it’s real

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    Joel McHale thinks the media might be over-covering the Jay Z/Solange fight

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    Stephen Colbert throws a penalty flag on Michael Sam’s NFL draft celebration kiss

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    Monica Lewinsky imagines how her most awkward moment would have “become a meme of its own on Tumblr.”